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If you have been interested in learning more from the forex market and want to trade yourself then this is an easy to read e-book that covers everything from technical analysis, fundamentals, trading techniques, trading platforms and how to trade the market with examples.

Do not think that it gonna be an easy ride, most traders will tell you that it took years of practice to be a successful trader, if you are not a patient character then you should rather copy our trading robot.

You get the e-book in PDF format in A4 size, go print and bind it, it will be more effective to work through the book that way.

If you join Trabot then the book is for free.


The Trading Robot

When you join Trabot we will open your accounts in your own name at one of the biggest regulated FOREX brokers abroad and setup your account to copy our trading robot.

You do not need a computer or internet connection in order to copy this robot, it will all happen in the cloud.  

An equity stop loss will be setup to protect your capital, you will have access to the online platform you can find on playstore and you will be able to monitor your account growth in real time. 

You also have the power to stop copying at any given time if you feel so and start to trade yourself. The expected growth can be 20-50% per month at low risk.