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Trabot has designed a FOREX trading robot that trades on your behalf in the cloud, you do not need a computer or to be online in order for it to work for you, it runs on the server at Trabot.

The robot is not for sale, but we will set your accounts up to copy the robot in the cloud allowing you to profit from the foreign exchange market effortlessly without any knowledge about trading in the FOREX market.
We facilitate in opening your trading accounts, linking it to our trading robot and offer full support on an ongoing basis.

The FOREX robot trades on the EUR/USD & GBP/USD currency pairs. 

The accounts will be opened in your own name with IC Markets, they are the biggest True ECN (Electronic Communication Network) FOREX Broker worldwide that offers a zero spread. Your return on investment at a very safe pace can average between 20-50% per month.

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After 12 years

About Us

The Founder of Trabot (Johan Uys) started trading the FOREX market 12 years ago and just couldn’t stop the interest in the enormous huge field. He studied about everything he could get his hands on and kept on practicing till he could prove that it is possible to profit from the FOREX market. He admits that he realized this is not for everyone and this is no easy task.¬†

He explored in mentoring and wrote the e-book available on this website, but his passion grew stronger to develop a trading robot that can trade for anybody in the cloud in order for anybody  to capitalize from this market without any effort at all and Trabot was born.

He as the master trader and is always behind the scenes to overlook positions being opened, keeping his eye on the economic calendar and events that might cause a huge price action.

Your account growth is of our most important priority and the staff is always there to help!

Frequently Asked questions

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Video Presentation

In the video presentation you will learn how the robot trades, how to join Trabot and how to monitor your growth via a online app.

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